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The History of Video Game Systems

The first video game system for the home was introduced by Magnavox in 1972, and was the brain child of Ralph H. Bear.

In just 45 years we have come from that simple system to the new and upcoming virtual reality system that we see today.

I would like to open a Vintage Gaming System Museum in Downtown St. Augustine.

If you would like to see a Museum like this, please support me here.


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Bringing the Game to You

I want to take you back through time and reintroduce you to the vintage game systems of the past. While walking through the years, until we get to a favorite game system that you remember from your past.


About Me

I have been playing video games on computers and video game systems since the mid 70ís. The first game system that my brother and sister and I ever played on was the

Atari Super Pong from 1976





Here is a short video of a few of the Vintage Computers and Video Game Systems that you will see at

The Age of Gaming



The Age of Gaming

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